Monday, April 26, 2010

knight in shining armor.

i rarely do make-up postings. i am too low-maintenance to get excited about new make-up, and i still own a minuscule collection of products.

but the main reason is that i find them utterly useless since people are so different and our needs vary. i also have extremely problematic skin: super sensitive, oily and acne prone – talk about a combo – and i experiment very little due to my troubles. thus, i pretty much skip all magazine articles and blog posts dealing with cosmetics.

nevertheless, last week i did something extremely unexpected. my mascara had dried out completely and i had no time to run to a store. after rummaging through my bathroom drawers i stumbled into a tigi mascara. it was a gift from mv, who graciously offered me a goodie bag at our breakfast meeting before i dj'd at their tigi photo awards, and because i was bald at the time, he had collected a bunch of make-up i could use.

since i fear how my skin reacts to new products i was hesitant about using my present. i also have a strange conviction that brands are best off sticking to one field of specialty – i don't buy fashion label watches, for example – and felt slightly iffy about make-up from a hair specialist. thus, i only experimented with their soft eye-liner pencil after losing my trusted old mac kohl and the store having none left. (i also like the tigi pencil although it is a little too soft for my oily lids and requires a ton of powder on top to stay put...)

the silver tube appeared like my knight in shining armor for instant rescue, and after a brief contemplation over whether i could deal with red eyes or smudged black lids if it did not work for me, i rolled it open for the first time.

all my fears were unfounded. no irritation followed. not only does the mascara stay put – 99% of mascaras i have tried bleed into my lids after a couple of hours – it stays firmly in place all day. i love the thick texture that adds volume easily and instantly and because i like my lashes a little messy and clumpy, the thickness works to my advantage. nonetheless, the color can be just as easily brushed on more gently for a more finesse result.

my eyes love it, so i definitely recommend trying.

p.s. mv is holding a competition in his blog to celebrate his ten-year career with tigi. congrats to him! you, however, can win a bag full of tigi hair products...

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