Tuesday, April 6, 2010

be creative.

to be completely honest i was utterly blah'd out with diesel's current campaign. although i am aware that it was designed to defy criticism (because being critical of it makes you the opposite of stupid and we all know that stupid is the thing to be, right?) which might be one of the main reasons i find it less than compelling intellectually (begging the question, anyone...), i will point out that at least to me spontaneity, creativity, courageousness, risk-taking and even bravado are all distinguishable from stupidity and definitely not synonyms to it. so no, i do not buy into being stupid, but being all the things diesel wants me to believe fall under the definition of stupid.

anyways, something great came out of the stupid brains of diesel recently, and in case you missed it, i'll post it here for your entertainment. they took digital catalogues to another level by combining a video with a still-image function where you can browse the items on the video.

they based their presentation on a film buff classic: jean-luc godard's bande a part (1964) dancing scene

but modernized it to our viewing and listening pleasure. here's the catalogue, not bad, right?


Sugar Kane said...

Aikas hauska tosiaan, biisikin on oivallinen.

Vaatteet tuolla videolla tosin näyttävät aika surkeilta, tai tavallisilta ja nuhjuisilta, mutta sellaistahan se tuntuu vähän olevan.

stellagee said...

sugar kane, biisi on mukava ralli. ja jengi mainiosti valittua. vaatteet eivät ehkä pääse parhaiten oikeuksiinsa, mutta toisaalta todellisuuskuva on joskus ihan mukavaa vaihtelua kiiltokuvastailauksiin...

vaikka mä en dieselin perusmallistosta erityisesti ole koskaan innostunut, niin positiivisena voi kai pitää logojen selvää vähentymistä.