Wednesday, May 13, 2009

london london.

back from the uk. it seems spring crept in while we were gone, and i am absolutely loving it!

i had a terrific time, as always. my visits to london are regular since my elder sister lives there, and seeing her is always important to me. staying at her place in new cross feels like home every time. an up'n'coming area, the proximity of goldsmith college keeps the neighborhood vibrant and her local pub, the royal albert, is cosy, laid-back and filled with indie kids (i managed to snap a few photos of the decor)-- some of whom played great music for us on a saturday night.

the biggest perk of this spring's visit was definitely the slump of the gbp. hence, my shopping got a little out of hand, and you'll see some of my indulgences here soon. many of the things i got i had planned beforehand: camper together x bernhard willhelm sandals and jeremy scott adidas track top have both been mentioned in my blog, and i feel rather ecstatic over finding them.

while it is certainly bad manners to feel glee over the fact that the city obviously suffers economically, i will not feel sorry saying this was the first time i did not feel ripped off instantly after walking out the door: travel was affordable and food (and beer) cheaper than in helsinki. low-cost yummies make my day!

i also had the opportunity to meet anna briefly at portobello market. since we've had trouble being in the same city in finland simultaneously, we met in london! she was every bit as sweet as she appears in her blog and we seemed to have quite a bit in common both historically and when it comes to ideas. a pleasure indeed.

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