Sunday, May 17, 2009

revolution baby.

one of my ultimate teenage idols was wendy james of transvision vamp. continuing in the footsteps of kim wilde she fits firmly in the lineage of cool blondes that maja ivarsson of the sounds represents today.

wendy was the ultimate über-blonde whose style choices oozed sexy seduction but somehow she pulled off the tartiest outfits effortlessly without appearing cheap or desperate. her wardrobe is a mixture of innocent insinuation and full-blown glamour of satins and glitter, but she never looks over-styled like madonna or lady gaga.

the pop tunes of transvision vamp are a mixture of punk and rock'n'roll, and some of the catchiest anthems of the end of the 80's that fill a dance floor instantly with bouncing girls. in case you don't know them, you better listen carefully to the two following videos.

"baby i don't care"

"i want your love"

by the time she started her solo project racine in 2004 the look had toned down a bit, but this song "grease monkey" remains a favorite of mine.

i am stoked, intoxicated with glee to tell you that wendy is back and the songs have the same rough appeal they did before. download the song "you tell me" via rcrdlbl. and she still looks incredible at 42...


Sugar Kane said...

yay, I adore Wendy too, when I grow up I want to be her. Transvision Vamp's Pop Art is still pure genious!

Anna said...

Wendy on niiiin mahtava! Mä olen ihan fani: tyyli ja asenne on tällä naisella kohdallaan!

DryBaby said...

Wendy's band "Racine" failed and broke up before Christmas 2008...

The band website was shut down..

Here latest "album" was recorded with a borrowed band and in a studio someone lent her..

She has very little money left..

She has NO label for the "new" album yet..

Type "cocaine" into any of my search engines to see why Wendy hasn't got any money anymore..

You'll see these..

and this is what Wendy looks like in 2009..

Very different than her FAKE official photos..

(They are digitally altered photos..not real ones)



Things are NOT what they seem with Wendy James

Even her MySpace page is NOT run by her..

Here are 100 videos you can watch about Wendy..

Enjoy the sites.

Enjoy the music.

But don't be fools.

See ya


stellagee said...

drybaby... wow. i must thank you for the comment because of common courtesy. i will keep it here for display only to show my readers how disturbed some people are.

on your comments: i was aware racine broke up; wendy is self-titled and solo now. i am generally quite aware that official photos are touched more or less and this goes for every single artist. i still think she looks quite alright for a woman her age even in the pics you linked.

the fact that she doesn't have money and the reasons behind it are really none of my concern: if it because of a habit, i feel sorry for her. moreover, myspace pages are often not run by the artists themselves.

i do, however, hope your life, drybaby is not entirely filled with anger and resentment. it does not seem that i am the fool here.

Anonymous said...

Good News ! shutdown/removed by Blogger on unlucky for Drybaby...... Friday 13th July 2012.

Best place for Drybaby in the trash bin where he so deserves to be!


Anonymous said...

Sad,sad Drybaby . . . . . still moaning about his undying love for Wendy despite the fact that it is now over 7 years since she sacked him for being a sick over zealous puppy!
He has even resorted to desperately putting up photos of his ex gay lover Alex on his recent blogsite . . . . . . in a subversively perverse attempt to make Wendy jealous!
As if !
Alex has ignored him for over 2 years now and Wendy is far too busy to even know that Drybaby even exists!
Too bad, so sad, bye bye (Dry) baby bye bye!

Anonymous said...

'just keeping an eye on little old Dry . . . . . Baby'
Try the munrose56 YouTube channel and watch being watched.
Spooky or what?

Anonymous said...

What a FOOL !!!!!!!!
As FULL a FOOL as a FOOL could be !!!!!!!!!
That is true of Mr Drybaby

DryBaby said...

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Anonymous said...

We acknowledge that your unstable mental state must be very difficult for you to live with.
Please continue to be THE FOOL you are. Such tragic and comic ramblings from you Mr Drybaby are indeed rare gems to be savoured by those who are also afflicted by serious mental issues.
We appreciate that this will be wasted on you but here goes anyway:
" Wishing you peace and sanity Mr Drybaby this Christmas 2014".