Wednesday, May 20, 2009

beth is back!

i absolutely love the gossip and their lead singer beth ditto. she has become an embodiment of talent and values that challenge the stereotypical pop culture icon of our age. she's sensitive and strong simultaneously, never pushy but demanding and assuming respect both for herself and from others.

i had the pleasure the meet her briefly at accelerator festival in stockholm a couple of years ago. i complimented her on the show, and she instantly hugged me softly and genuinely. during our little chat she seemed warm and cheerful -- the sort of person i'd want to appear and know i fail to.

i am stoked that the gossip is back with a new album, music for men, due to be released 22 june 2009. the first single "heavy cross" sounds amazing as an original, but i particularly like this fred falke remix already out because of the disco vibe. the french dj and producer is responsible for the song rubicon (with alan braxe) and some brilliant remixes, this one being no exception.

at this time in my life, the lyrics are more than fitting: it's a cruel cruel world to face on your own, a heavy cross to carry along...

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