Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i am forever a fan on peaches. the queer electro starlet is capturing on stage, her music has oozing basslines and raunchy lyrics down put, and her new album i feel cream isn't making an exception.

the first single "talk to me" is produced by soulwax, a belgian duo responsible for example for the best compilation/remix cd ever i.e. 2 many dj's as heard on radio soulwax pt.2.

the second single "more" i find particularly appealing because of the more familiar sounds and the fact that my sweetie's got the rare talent of turning balloons into the most inventive forms. often just as xxx-rated as peaches... and i want that motorcycle she's riding in the beginning!!

seems we're getting a little bit more than we asked for... happy that we are. yay!


Sugar Kane said...

I'm so happy Peaches sounds excellent again!!! Especially loving "More". Thanks for these, doll.

stellagee said...

i know, i've missed the signature minimalist ooze.