Friday, June 11, 2010

stella behind the g.

quite often i am asked about the origin of my alias, stellagee. my real name is not stella, not even close, but i do have a special history with the name.

it all goes back to around 2004 when i started dj'ing. i am not one of those people who are often given nicknames, but i had been persistently called "the stella girl" by some bar staff and friends because of my habit of ordering stella artois. when i had to decide a dj name, i figured that people already knew me by my reputation and, thus, stellagirl emerged. i started using different, riot grrrl inspired spelling and instantly the name went cosmically haywire and there are a myriad of versions around in posters, websites and flyers.

yup, it all comes down to beer – moreover, a beer nicknamed "the wife beater" in the uk. not terribly fancy, now is it? nonetheless, i did not mind the fact that stella also means a star and i used tähtityttö as my dj name at times, as well.

the reason i am telling you this now is the latest campaign by stella. they have a reputation for intelligent and culturally savvy campaigns utilizing surrealist themes in addition to references to, for example, jean-luc godard. and this one is no exception. the fact that their lightweight bottle campaign also uses one of my favorite songs of the moment, the mystery jets' "dreaming of another world" and a goodie from marina and the diamonds, cannot hurt either.

the campaign itself rides on a lighter bottle that reduces carbon emissions. since i am not sure of the reusability of the bottle, i have no idea whether the promise of eco-friendliness actually delivers – assuming of course that making new bottles is more ecologically consuming than is recycling and reusing them, but if i am not completely off the grid here, it should be so, right?

there are some pretty funny videos of an imaginary tv show presented from inside a stella bottle at 1963 on the campaign site, but first there are these three. the first one is just an introduction to the theme, the second a version of marina's "i am not a robot" and, le troisieme, les jets mystère.

watch them, if only for claude the hedgehog...

the full song and official video for the mystery jets song is here.


Anna said...

Hei, kiitos selvityksestä koskien "stellageetä". Olen monasti miettinyt, mitä nimen taakse kätkeytyykään. Nyt tiedän! :)

stellagee said...

anna, eipä kestä. moni on sitä multa kysellyt sivumennen ja varmaan useampi vielä itsekseen miettinyt... ei ehkä kaikkein siistein stoori, mutta onpahan kuitenkin ;)