Thursday, June 17, 2010

out in the night.

post-rant excitement comes in a paradoxical form... last night on our way to the radio dept. gig at tavastia i had the pleasure to get some pics taken by one of the bloggers who both has great equipment and knows exactly when to shoot and when to leave the camera be. it did not hurt that this particular photo was taken by a professional, either.

anyways, here's a perfect shot of what i have been wearing lately with minor adjustments to sneakers and tees. that is, i sometimes wear white converse and a black tee. practical and rather boring, but easy breezy and ahem...

beanie by lustwear, jacket by rick owens, tee by zara men, jeans by nudie, sneakers by converse, bag by weekday. photo stolen from stella.

thank you, i had a great time – and who would not love shots like these?

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