Tuesday, August 30, 2011

resourcefulness required.

my habit of picking and building a devotion to daily essentials regardless of their availability in finland has provided friends and family an endless resource for presents and souvenirs from trips abroad.

it was first my habit with mac cosmetics that was eradicated when they opened a counter at stockmann's. now the store i long anticipated opened in kämp: kiehl's.

my habit was formed in 2004, i wrote about it over two years ago (and a few times after that) and there seems to be no end to my fondness of the white label bottles. although cosmetics play a very small part in my life – i am still very low-maintenance, too low at times, i have to admit – i am picky and consistent with my products... as can be seen from the pic of my shower basket below.

thus, it was always easy for friends to pick up a bottle or two from trips in case they were thinking of getting me a bday or xmas present. i also planned my shopping schedule around finding my "chemicals".

to add to the insult of destiny, i switched my daily facial care to malin+goetz in the fall of 2009 when they were recommended by a friend in nyc, and i was recently told that gaudete will be stocking the line very soon.

hence, i am partly happy and somewhat sad to say that these options are gone. the double edged sword here implies that the benefit i personally get from finland hosting a wider variety of goods is a straight deprivation of my close ones abroad.

i guess this means that i will have to start getting creative around holidays again...

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