Wednesday, August 3, 2011

killer team.

i was asked to dj at a friend's 40th bday party in june. although the place was not something i usually would play at, it was one of those "cannot refuse" situations and, naturally, i had to say yes.

this request was a special honor: it's always a pleasure to know that the person you're going to dj for shares a similar passion for music. moreover, the ability to surprise while also creating comfort with familiarity – and never needing to compromise – feels rare and, quite honestly, great.

champs, sweetie darling.

some acoustic entertainment gave us a much needed break.
a high was also finally having the chance to realize a plan i had with another friend. we had talked about playing together since five years ago, and this was it: we were going to kick it together.

music, maestro!

oysters. creepy.
and boy did we kick high and hard... a night of billy idol, omd, lcd soundsystem, sigue sigue sputnik, bananarama and some obscure goodies that had the bday boy dancing all night.

shake your coconuts.
all photos by robert lindström.

my next back-to-back dj-extravaganza will take place at flow festival, namely the diesel garage. if you happen to be in town, come by and dance!

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