Thursday, August 18, 2011

chief cannot let go of the feather toupee and warrior duck gone insane.

it was flow. it was festival. and i was dj'ing prime time on saturday night with stella.

because it was diesel garage and style was expected, we did our best. hence, may i present: the duck hat – my only purchase from a style blogger trip to stockholm.

moreover, since we're ladies and ladies to lady things, we looked our best.

wearing rick owens top and martin margiela mm6 necklace. and a duck.


the time was perfect for partying, from 8 to 10 pm, but lykke li was booked simultaneously. fortunately for us, she suffered from stomach cramps (or so we heard) and cancelled.

the party was off the hook...

this is what i call a pleasant view from the dj booth.
if you were there, i hope you enjoyed it. we did. and will do again. and again. and again.

(did i say again?)


all photos by mikko rasila.


Kipa said...

Fiilis oli MAHTAVA!!!! Kiitos molemmille!

stellagee said...

kipa, kiitos vaan ihtellenne! oli kiva katsoa kun jengi pilettää! hiih!