Tuesday, April 7, 2009

daily dose of duft.

one of the moderately annoying addictions i formed whilst living in the big apple is kiehl's products. there's nothing even remotely irritating in the products themselves, but because they aren't available in stores here in finland nor online in europe, acquiring them is quite a nuisance.

established in 1851 in nyc's east village, kiehl's is known for amazing personal service, generous samples (which were significantly downsized in early 2000's, but you still get plenty...) and herbal fusions combined with a scientific attitude. their most famous product is probably their lip balm: a classic in a tube. i have several lingering around the house...

my fondness for kiehl's is based almost solely on their beautiful and subtle fragrances: natural scents of grapefruit, coconut and coriander refresh and sooth, and the tea tree oil shampoo feels invigorating without having a strong chemical astringent effect -- something i find too common an effect in many tea tree oil products. more than anything, i love the soft facial cleanser which doesn't irritate my sensitive and blemish prone skin. the packaging is simple and stylish.

i wholeheartedly recommend trying, but must warn you: you may never go back to yer olden ways...

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