Thursday, April 23, 2009

random facts about looks and stuff.

i'm grabbing a meme going around in the blogosphere, already finished by anna and anu among others.

1) are you happy with the way you look?
in a way. but if happiness translates into thinking i was ok looking, it gets rather complicated. you see, i was an ugly child and grew into one of those women whose looks give rise to comments like "unusual". therefore, i have never learned to base my self-esteem on my looks. i deal with the reality, but if asked if i think i'm pretty, the answer would be "no" or "sometimes".

2) what would you change in your appearance?
depending on what i should aim at. i wanted to have surgery on my nose for years, but now i really don't care. i could work out a bit, to look more toned. i'd love to have clear skin.

3) how has you appearance been complimented?
i get a lot of compliments for being skinny and my strong, unusual (ha ha!) face. i've received compliments on my bone structure and my eyes. nevertheless, most of the compliments i receive are directed at my sense of style.

4) do you use make-up daily?

5) your basic make-up?
concealer, powder, brow color and gel, mascara, blush. for parties i add eye shadow, eyeliner, lip liner and shine and sometimes even false lashes.

6) the color and length of your hair?
a black angular short bob. i'm growing it. i have no idea of my natural color, but it is most likely somewhere around mousey blonde.

7) how often...

…do you dye your hair?
every two to three weeks. too often, to be quite frank. my hair grows like weed and a blonde root on black gives the impression of balding.

…wash your hair?
daily, in the mornings. sometimes twice. oily skin, oily hair.

as previously.

three times a week, very gently. i have blemish prone skin that goes through renewal periods extremely quickly (according to my doctor) and sloughing off excess cells is essential.

…visit a beautician?
i don't. i do visit a dermatologist at times.

…remove body hair?
daily in the summer, i'm rather neurotic, less often during winter.

…go to a sun tan salon?
i should go more often because my blemish prone skin benefits from some uv rays.

8 ) how do you wear your hair?
well, it hangs.

9) how is your hair at the moment?

10) do you use body lotion?
not often enough... my skin is not on the dry side, so i can get away with it.

11) your most typical outfit?
jeans 'n tees, converse. i wear dresses year round, too.

12) what are you wearing now?
teen size adidas blue track bottoms and a 2k basquiat print tee.

13) what kind of lingerie are you wearing?
red american apparel boy briefs (like kim in this video) and a sheer calvin klein bra.

14) how many pairs of jeans do you own?
a quick count resulted in 15, but i may have some stored away...

15) which shoes did you wear last?
off-white hi-top chuck taylors.

16) what kind of a jacket/coat did you wear last?
80's black leather jacket

17) what kind of a bra did you wear last?
black calvin klein tee-bra. i lurve my calvin bras.

18) your favorite jewelry?
my bracelets, there are many. some earrings. my watch.

19) nailpolish?
i'd love to, but my nails cannot take the drying effect. i'm suffering from the result of a two-week indulgence in black polish right now.

20) favorite perfume?
dior homme.

21) shampoo and conditioner?
kiehl's tea tree oil shampoo. i don't condition although i was told i should... oh snap!

22) what kind of rings do you wear?

23) do you watch your weight?
nope. if i try i get obsessed and usually end up gaining some. so i don't bother and it hovers around the same level without much effort.

24) what is the last compliment you received?
a 19-year-old sighed she hoped she looked like me at 32 after finding out my age... balmy.

25) would you have plastic surgery?
prolly not, but the reason is that i fear that something went wrong. i have very little trust in the medical profession and i blame my parents, both doctors who are very human with their errors and everything...

26) what's your make-up bag like?
a light green satin pouch with chinese lettering from h&m. i have no clue how i ended up owning it nor do i know why i still have it. ugly.

27) what color is your hairbrush?

28) are you using any wrinkle prevention products?
nope. oily skin...

29) how many purses do you own?
do i want to go here... at least 50, perhaps more.

30) do you have piercings or tattoos?
i've got a piercing in the top part of my right ear and two tattoos: one on my tail bone and one on my scalp.

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