Monday, October 11, 2010

things that make me go hmmm.

things that have made me go hmmm in all sorts of ways lately:

1. we have an idiom in finnish "thanks for the last time". i do not recall a similar one in english, one meant to be uttered when met again after a particularly fun or beneficial last meetup, but there might be one despite my amnesia... (do share, if you remember, please.)

the proper response to it is "thank you, too" – an acknowledgement that you enjoyed it as well. last week a friend i did a favor for responded to my utterance of courtesy by responding "you're welcome." not sure what to think about it... perhaps i was too keen for a thank you?

2. anyone fancy a cup of tea? the "tv pick-up" in the uk after a regular episode of eastenders can be about 3 gigawatts, which represents one and a quarter million kettles going on at the same time. it’s such a massive amount that they have to borrow electricity from france to stop the lights going off.

i love imagining an entire nation moving as one.

3. the opening scene of simpsons 101010 episode created by banksy. the underworld of creation...

4. the geometry of pasta for those of us who barely differentiate between spaghetti and capelli d'angelo... oh crap, i had no idea there were that many.

5. alain delorme's photographs of little girls and bicycle haulers. as fas as the first go, there's barbie and barbie, but for the latter the question is only: how do they do it?

have a great week!


Lady Dada said...

Joskus vaikeina työhetkinä (kuten nyt hiljan) mä pohdin kukkarekkakuskiutta. Mun oletuksissa ne vaan jollottaa päivät läpitte ja on zen. Orkideoita hanskat kädessä eikä ikinä keltaisilla tien yli. Joo, hehheh, Totem #8. Mitä minäkään mistään tiedän, mot :)

stellagee said...

lady dada, hahaa! mä olen monesti halunnut olla lakasulakasukoneen kuljettaja. saa pyöriä sellaista kallen mätitahna -kaistaa ympäri toreja ja maistella sumppia kopissa lopun päivää. mun zen tarvitsee myös sen hetken, kun saa ajaa lokkiparvesta läpi.

mut muuten, hehheh, tajuun. kait. eli siis en mitään mistään.