Friday, October 15, 2010

rainy day.

as a kid i remember loving rainy days at the summer cottage. old windows reflected light kaleidoscopically and when they were covered in flowing water, the familiar environment of greenery turned into magical fountains of color.

i would sit by the window for hours, utterly and totally mesmerized.

needless to say, i still love the cottage on rainy days. nevertheless, i hardly spend time sitting by windows at home these days to watch the rain. in fact, the only moments when i face the powerful downpours of fall is in the car, on my way somewhere. if i am driving, there is hardly time for admiration in the midst of nervousness over the slippery road, but sometimes as a passenger while uttering soft words of encouragement and hoping things go steady and safely, i secretly focus on the blurred view in front of me.

because of this, it comes as no surprise that i find the hyperrealistic paintings of gregory thielker incredibly fascinating. his images capture the landscape from the inside of the car, the moments torn by anxiety over poor visibility and the incredible beauty showing through a layer of flowing water.

for some reason, being encapsulated inside a mass of water feels safe. you know what i mean?


Hanna said...

Tiedän just mitä tarkoitat. Olen säilönyt muistoja pienestä aitasta, joka oli turvallisesti mummolan pihassa. Oli niin ihana katsella ikkunasta ettei halunnut nukahtaa, vaan yritti sinnitellä silmät auki vielä pienen hetken, ennen kuin uni tuli ja vei mukanaan. Vuosi sitten menin tuohon samaiseen aiattaan ja iskin otsani oveen, lapsena kun sitä oli kai vähän lyhyempi eikä tarvinnut kumartua. Aitta on kutistunut, sateessa.

stellagee said...

hanna, aivan, tuo viimeiseen asti ponnistelu, ettei vain nukahtaisi kesken... ja niin, ne kutistuvat: nallet, sängyt, rakennukset. sateessa.