Friday, January 15, 2010

boys' day out.

things like this video make me happy. additionally, they make me ecstatic about living in helsinki: a city with talented people, beautiful urban scenery and lots and lots of great music. it's not the summer day that the video was shot or the great, familiar places they visit – although i'd be teflon coated if it had no effect on me – but the fact that it is so obvious the boys are having such a good time. there's nothing pretentious or staged here, but just sum simple feel good moments captured in film, directed by the multi-talented miika saksi.

and yes, feel good in audio, of course. another top billin group, helsinki 78-82 create party music you wanna listen to in your car, at your picnic, at the club – these are hedonistic anthems for leisurely times.

it also helps that one of my dear old friends is riding his bicycle there, smiling and guggling down beer... awwwww.


Sugar Kane said...

I love this too, they seem so genuinely happy. I've always adored (and envied a bit) that sort of "boys' adventure" sensibility. Good people in a great city!

Birger Jaarli said...

Aww! Helsinki summer days... Love it!