Monday, December 14, 2009


these past weeks have taught me a little something about meself: i need order in my physical surroundings in order to focus. on anything.

sure, we've meant to organize everything. i would have preferred taking a couple of days off for clearing out my work space, but insufficient storage demolished my attempts. therefore, i am stuck waiting indefinitely.

insufficient storage comes down to piling stuff from several large storages into one. our clever plan to sell the surplus crap backfired because the fleamarket was cancelled and the next possible visit can be arranged in january. our packed storage could not fit more boxes which means we still live amongst piles and piles of cardboard cubes. last weekend's visit to the cottage (anyone ever dump a vague amount of stuff at the cottage convinced they'd sell it... ahem... someday?) provided some alleviation and now we can probably walk through both doors to our bedroom – nice, huh, considering we cannot tiptoe around the bed just yet... *sigh*

i have managed my daily duties by writing a list of tasks that i cross out after each individual is finished. otherwise my mind wanders and i find myself carrying a small box to the other side of the room and moving a set of hangers to an empty box somewhere else. this condition is quite different from regular procrastination, but the result is similar: nothing gets done despite there being lots of shuffling around.

needless to say, there is not a sensible thought in my head that i could scribble here, but hopefully this week will end with some clarity. there is plenty to share: a photoshoot, a champagne induced submission to a bag, some white food stuff and my new fave cosmetics...

until then, i hope you enjoy this song by i'm fresh! you're pretty!.

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Sugar Kane said...

Feeling yr pain, sister. Take your time, but come back with PLENTY of pics of your champers-induced baby...