Tuesday, December 15, 2009


the importance of the dining table is something that hardly occurs to you until you live without one for some time. i am as much a fan of occasional tv dinners as anyone, but i also find focusing on food and socializing immensely pleasurable. needless to say, i love to entertain and invite people over for dinner. without a proper table eating in is never the kind of a pleasure i hope and know it to be.

the annoying thing about attic lofts is that they're often strangely shaped. tilted ceilings, skylights and little nooks add charm and variety and, without a doubt, ours was interesting and beautiful, but limited as to the possibilities of furnishing. my biggest grievance was the fact that there was no room for a dining table. we had a bar-like table in the kitchen – that i sometimes worked on – and a large occasional table next to the sofa. but no proper place for culinary experiences.

therefore, the high point of our new home is the fact that it has a place for a large table – comfortable for up to eight people. we found the perfect one, but it is stuck somewhere between here and the uk in the hands of a courier... eager beaver waiting restlessly. taptaptap... i look forward to the chatter around large bowls being passed from person to person, the colorful dishes scooped with glistening eyes, the laughter and glimmering glasses of wine.

what we did receive were the chairs. definitely as important as the table, we did not want to compromise here, either. although i am a monochromatic dresser, i love some color around the house. perfectly matched harmonies are a definite no-no; my visual needs require more complexity than the obvious color combos. our missoni cushions act as the palette for brights – haha, anything goes! – and although we keep the larger furniture neutral, chairs are the perfect daily perk providers. an addition to previously owned baby blue ant chairs by arne jacobsen, we chose some color – namely bright pink, light olive green and subtle grey – around the table.

yup, the dog's bowl in the back...

as far as such obvious choices come, these are definitely something i cannot accept a substitute for. a true dilemma with classics, nothing jacobsen "inspired" (such as these) will do, and as much as the reason could come down to sheer snobbery, anyone who has compared a "designer inspired" chair to the original knows there is a definite difference in comfort.

until the table arrives, this isn't half bad an anthill to rest my tush on...

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