Friday, November 27, 2009

now we're all dancers.

there are dance videos that capture a decade perfectly. my list of unforgettable dance videos are as follows: janet jackson's "rhythm nation" for the 80's, madonna's "vogue" for the 90's, moloko's "familiar feeling" or "forever more" for the 2k. each of them impressive and special, and the last ones envelop a marginal style of dancing that briefly affected the club culture of each decade and set a corporeal standard that was unique to a brief period of time.

it's been a while since i've felt impressed by dance videos: the booty shaking of shakira and beyonce almost exhaust me, but hardly provide aesthetic pleasure. therefore, this song and video by circlesquare is something i see carrying us over to the next decade. i saw it first at adorable indie's blog, but have played the song at my gigs before, absolutely loving it.

"dancers" is perfection. enjoy.


Anna said...

En yleensä jaksa tanssivideoita, mutta kyllähän ne tosiaan ovat parhaimmillaan klassikoita ja kokonaista aikakautta nimittäviä, merkittäviä kulttuurituotteita - tää on just sellainen! Hienoa meininkiä!! THANKS FOR SHARING, friend!! :)

stellagee said...

mä pidän hillittömästi koko videon tyylistä. jei.

Piano said...

The style of the video struck a chord with me. The simplisity and purity and why not the music as well.

But we shouldn't, like every enlightend person knows, forget the history and deal with it as awhole. Therefore I must remind that the '80s has another side to it, one we must remember what comes to style, movement and ah, music.

Heil jumpers...