Friday, November 13, 2009

opposites attract.

last night was music filled and intense. the combination of acts was – to put it mildly – interesting, but the result turned out unexpected.

we were offered tickets to the p!nk show because some friends were unable to attend. although napping was considered a relatively seductive alternative, we agreed to go.

freakin' eh, am i glad we went! the show was spectacular and although i am not familiar with p!nk's music, i recognized plenty of the songs – three covers helped, including the x-rated version of divinyls' "i touch myself" that puts madonna to shame... there was definitely some sharp wit, singing talent and charisma on stage regardless of what one may think of her music.

we continued according to our original plan for the night and ventured to redrum for some glass candy. since they were signed to italians do it better and released their 12" "i always say yes" in 2007, i've been a fan. it was my first time seeing them live and must confess to feeling slightly disappointed because the singer could hardly hold a tune regardless of the effect abundance. a friend told me they had improved tremendously from two years ago – can only imagine how horrific they sounded then... thank goddess for produced records, because their music is still amazing!

here's "digital versicolor".

the opening act desire has been on a constant spin on my ipod and they delivered live, as well. my ears are still pounding...

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