Thursday, October 1, 2009

sign your name.

i read in the news today that according to a survey 90% of finns would be willing to donate their organs postmortem. as someone as secular as possible but who simultaneously has firm faith in the sanctity of cognizant and emotive life, the news feel reassuring to me. no matter how difficult it is to let go of a loved one after they pass on – including their physical remains–, there are lives that can continue because of a simple act of kindness that neither harms nor burdens absolutely anyone. news like these make me proud of my fellow citizens who generally try my patience more often than not when it comes to solidarity.

unfortunately, the survey revealed an additional fact: only 20% have signed a donation card officially declaring their willingness to relinquish their corporeal components for the benefit of others. there is absolutely nothing incredible in the incommensurability of the figures: people's moral declarations or even the most fundamental and innermost beliefs do not necessarily motivate action. when it comes down to doing good, we love to think about it. after thinking long enough we tend to believe we've done our part. sound familiar? to me it definitely does.

the saddest part of essential moral deeds and nondoings is that we're often prompted to act instead of imagining after we're personally touched by a tragedy. that is, when it is already too late.

let's prove statistics and motivational theories wrong. if you haven't already, do it now. the cards are available in the next weeks nationally. sign your name. time is of essence, life is unpredictable.

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