Wednesday, June 10, 2009

well, whattado.

i was going to post a long rant on the european parliament election turnout. instead i am just going to sigh deeply and say the following.

recession brings out the conservatives. i guess people want things to be simple: we need heroes and culprits. we want simple explanations. we want to congratulate ourselves for moments of success and blame others for things going wrong. if possible, we avoid responsibility for others if we deem them unworthy of our charity. the weirdest thing about this is that we express all this by listening and giving power to candidates that thrive on bigotry, ignorance and intolerance. i’m saddened and at loss.


Sugar Kane said...

While I share your feelings, I do hope some sort of "new left" (for want of a better term) FINALLY emerges from the ruins of of the old. After all, there are people like us in every country who don't want to see Europe going right-wing, shutting its borders etc. I was going to say Vive la resistance, but I actually want to see something productive, new solutions to current problems facing people in "irregular" job situations etc.

A change is gonna come! Solidarity!

I am kinda happy for the green party's success though.

stellagee said...

i'm sure my defeated feelings will pass. the stupidity of people (for want of a better term) just never ceases to amaze as a sudden strong kick in the stomach. the green party's success i have a hard time relating to: while they are a party with an original mission that defies traditional borders, playing the political field offers them too many a potentially horrendous alliances. double-edged or what?

yeah, let's stick to productive, solution-seeking and innovative (really innovative, not as a euphemism) solidarity that's rid of the bureaucratic solidity of the old left (that deserves to go, me thinks as well).

my cup is usually half-full. let me stare at it for a moment longer...