Monday, June 1, 2009

master your craft.

every music fan has some pivotal moments in life that leave a permanent imprint. i have known after some live gigs that i just witnessed something nearing greatness.

a few years have passed since i lived through an amazing and forever memorable hour in the basement of lit lounge in the east village of nyc. i saw death from above 1979 perform to an audience of probably 32 (give or take 2) people. sweat flew in the air and they rocked the place upside down.

their album you're a woman, i'm a machine is a record i still listen to frequently. dfa 1979 split in august 2006 and the boys went their separate ways. but jesse f. keeler's electronic project with alex puodziukas called mstrkrft remained.

the twosome are responsible for remixes for some of my favorite artists, such as bloc party, metric, the kills and wolfmother. there probably aren't many indie dance hits they haven't touched with their magic fingers. one of their latest tweeking targets is yeah yeah yeah's mindblowing song zero (mstrkrft remix here). below is one of their definite hits, "street justice" (no video, unfortunately) which still remains a part of almost every single one of my dj-sets.

last thursday they performed at basso festival pre-party at virgin oil co. (what an unlikely location, me thinks...) they played to a crowd of beautiful indie club kids (and a few of us senior wanna-be beauties already past our prime...) who danced and hollered towards the boys. mr keeler fought the rave-dj -image by gulping jack daniel's straight from the bottle -- he's a bassist after all, ok.

the magic of years past was gone, but the energy still contagious. am i getting old, huh?

here's bounce.

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