Thursday, February 4, 2010

chairlift me to electropop sky.

sometimes i am extremely slow catching up on things. this time i blame the fact that i never ever watch commercials on tv, and i have completely missed this ad for ipod nanos in 2008. the background music was by a band called chairlift, from brooklyn. (hey, where else, huh!)

unaware that she was a member of the band, i bumped into caroline polacheck through another song about a year ago. the other day i found their first single "evident utensil" and despite it being a few years old, i want you to know about it in case you already didn't.



Varpu said...

Oi on se sitten vieläkin yhtä suloinen biisi! :)

stellagee said...

varpu, en tajua miten olen missannut tuon täysin.... ja on suloinen!