Thursday, July 23, 2009

growing slow.

just a quick "hello". i am spending this entire week at the sea cottage. we stopped on our way at the garden cottage to fetch some greens: the spinach (and many other plants) had grown tremendously. we're almost self-sustaining when it comes to salad ingredients.

while my sweetie does the woodchopping and fishing, i tap away inside. our sequestering has not been exclusive – we've enjoyed visitors – but my daily routines need to continue regardless of our whereabouts. as a work environment the quiet solitude of a decades old dainty cottage is quaint and charming.

the slow portable internet connection – we're miles from decent 3g coverage – reminds me of the times when i had to plug in the modem and wait for every single frame to download for at least a minute. do you still remember when pages with flash content were a nuisance, although worthy of marvel?

the width and speed of today's internet highway is truly remarkable (did i just say that? talk about a freakin' revelation...), and only fully appreciated when you don't have access to it (yeah, i'm that slow...). therefore, i've had to carefully select the pages i visit and have noted that newspapers require surprisingly commodious virtual lanes to work properly. as a huge fan of the recent web-developments at ny times, it tears me apart not be able to visit the rich site without pulling my nonexistent hair: the videos and other virtual quirks are mostly high-quality – both content and resolution. nevertheless, our local newspaper helsingin sanomat takes at least as much space (why is that? there's barely anything there...) and offers a minimum of information perks in comparison.

one of my main grievances is not being able to read blogs. the few i follow have large pics which download in a snap at home, but here take forever. commenting is out of the question because it means downloading single postings yet again. so, blogging friends, i'll comment later on.

i am not a fan of slow life, quite the opposite, actually, but my efficiency levels have diminished to countryside quantities and i could say that my work speed resembles that of my mokkula. not necessarily a horrible development...

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