Monday, July 27, 2009

golden girl.

you've got to love the golden girls. way before there was sex and the city there was a foursome that put the fab fashionista four to shame; creating a tv series with elderly ladies who embody everything that's witty, fun and deep about women is an achievement unsurpassed – all this without baring skin or flaunting brand names. yeah, you could say the comparison fails because satc should be considered primarily a fashion series and only secondarily about friendships, but i am convinced many satc fans would be reluctant to admit that their fave was about surface.

and just as satc fans usually find one of the main characters the most appealing or relatable (it seems carrie is numero uno amongst blogging girls), the same applies to many golden girls fans. i am definitely a dorothy: the observant, dry humoured (but not snarky like sophia) and somewhat reserved character. to add reality to the mix, i come with a side-order of rose and just a dash of blanche. nevertheless, i'd like to be sophia...

like anna, i am drawn to patterns and motifs that are often sneered upon. i must admit to having a weak spot for granny clothes, especially bulky dresses in strange florals and ornamental designs. the fabrics used are often strangely squishy: thick and soft, but not plushy.

when i came across this green boxy jacket that screamed "grandma", i just had to grab it. the pattern reminded me of dna sequences, but the solidity of the simple garment was what really settled the score. it is as far as you can get from the flowing fashions of recent times, but hey, do i care? nope.

the problem of how to wear it? just like sugar kane, i am trying to push my boundaries and try wearing things i have trouble with. my tendency to buy second-hand that never leaves the closet because it's either too costumey or just slightly too over the top to tone down easily needs to come to an end. a project i am working on is to figure out which of my clever little acquisitions are actually wearable. an additional issue was provided by the metal: i usually wear grey metals, not gold hues. but here goes nothing.

to turn the outfit into a more age appropriate golden girl stylization, i needed to accessorize. it seems visiting a corner unknown leads of more accessorizing: there's more jewelry going on than in a long time... a tatty devine pegasus brooch to hold the jacket closed and a recent retro acquisition from london: casio 80's remake. a small women's digital watch that is so incredibly ugly it feels unbelievably cool.
i also added a quality bag to balance the obvious second-hand look of the jacket and the faded denim shorts. via the d&g bag my carrie met my dorothy halfway – and the bag got a justifiable outing after a couple of years storage rest due to brass details.

add a pair of golden leopard print earrings and a platform suede sandals and the result is hopefully more city chic than tragic blast from grandma's travel trunk.

what do you think: should i toss the grannie or embrace my inner senior citizen?

here's some golden girl fashion talk...


Sugar Kane said...

Hei mahtavaa, Tyttökullat on loistava inspiraation ja fäshön-asenteen lähde! Turha sanoakaan, että mä myös olen Dorothy, rakastan sitä tiettyä kulmikkuutta leidissä. Niissä kaikissa mummuissa on ihanasti myös pikkutyttöä jäljellä, ja anarkismia.

(Oih, jostain pitäi kaivaa nähtävksi 80-luvun toista huippua naisten ystävyys -sarjaa, Kate & Allie oli yksinhuoltajia kimpassa NEW YORKISSA. Jotenkin ton ajan "post fem-lib" naissarjat ja parempi akkainviihde muutenkin on niin raikkaita verrattuna 90-luvun backlashin ja Rules-hapatuksen jälkeiseen, liikaa sukupuolten eroihin ja reittä pitkin kiipeämiseen keskittyviin "naiset on venuksesta ja äijjät johtoportaasta" -sarjoihin.

Ni ja viel piti sanoa, että toimiipa asus hyvin! Sun hiukset(tomuus) ja laatulaukku tosiaan skarppaa kaiken.

Anna said...

Diggaan lookista ihan kympillä!! Kuosi TOI-MII (hehee, mä inspiroidun ihan perverssissä määrin kaikista kummallisista kuoseista!), ja juuri noin stailattuna kokonaisuus on makea kuin mikä!

Tyttökullat on tosiaan mitä loistokkain asenne- ja inspiraatiopläjäys. Pitääpä katsoa muutamia suosikkijaksoja taas pitkästä aikaa.

stellagee said...

sugar kane, kate + allie on ihan mieletön show. mäkin tykkään yhä enemmän noista vanhoista sarjoista, kun uusista ei tunnu löytyvän monestikaan riittävän kiinnostavaa juttua pilottia pidemmälle...

anna, kiitos. kuosiperversiot kunniaan!