Friday, November 28, 2008

xmas hki10 style.

last night was the xmas party for helsinki10, my absolute favorite store in town. a small group of people gathered to enjoy music and drinks and, more importantly, plenty of new desirables in for xmas.

the staff succeeded in making an in-store event feel relaxed and not pushy while the employees that were present acted incredibly attentive. sure, the fact that there were plenty of friends there helped in creating an inviting mood, but they really had some je-ne-sais-pas going for them. well done.

i got myself a scarf from bernhard willhelm. it's signature willhelm in fabulous light 100% wool with a naive print and bright colors.

the goody bag offered created some laughs on our way home. was it some responsibility campaign to give a bottle of water to those leaving the party? it was evian by jean paul gaultier and yes, collaborations may be the thing to do right now, but it is water nonetheless...

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