Thursday, November 20, 2008

now they call me superstar?

"they used to call me tricky kid, i live the life they wish they did, i life the life, don't own a car, now they call me superstar..."

what a strange evening last night was. tricky played at nosturi and, not very unexpectedly, anticipation was high and i was let down. i am solely to blame for not being aware of a new album and, quite honestly, not following his career after the release of pre-millenium tension, but i did expect more of the older material.

it was a show where the artist spent more time with his back towards the audience than showed his face. it was a show where the artist himself felt more absent than i've ever experienced before. moreover, he also would not participate in any of his trip hop hits of maxinquaye. sure, he's been quite vocal about feeling iffy about the genre he created and with which he subsequently was labeled with, but i love him forever for gems like "overcome" and i wish he did not express his separation from his past by ignoring the fans who love his music.

without acknowledging his past his present feels empty. he's fragile without the base and ending with motörhead's "ace of spades" did not provide a salvation, at least in my books. i wanted more.

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