Friday, November 21, 2008

be nouveau and nrj.

beaujolais nouveau est arrivé! i had meself a glass last night, on the "beaujolais day", at a small loyal customers' event at minus. one of my favorite boutiques in town, minus sells sandqvist laptop bags and select swedish fashions, such as acne, whyred, designer's remix, etc.

from there we ventured to nrj fashion awards at kaapelitehdas. it was packed and we barely caught a glimpse of the catwalk shows. the theme of the evening was "magic" and i'm not quite sure how to put this nicely, but a guy on a stage doing card tricks does not a magical night make. the most incredible single thing was an ice bar by finlandia vodka: an entire bar structure made of ice, melting away. the lack of magical entertainment was quite well compensated by watching people place their drinks off the provided mats and see their faces when their precious alcohol slipped off the bar.

party season has definitely begun.

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