Monday, November 10, 2008

cut copy.

i saw cut copy play at tavastia last night. it was sold out, i.e. packed, hot and steamy. but the crowd was rowdy, bouncy and excited. since most of the crowd seemed to be acquainted with the band only since their latest release, in ghost colours, older songs created some confusion among the audience. for example, they chose to close their set with lights and music followed by their greatest all-time hit, future, and the reaction was harsh: almost all dancing instantly stopped.

as someone somewhere said, cut copy may be to rock for those into dance music and too dancey for rock purists, but if one is willing to ignore boxes, it's a most delightful band with two pretty great albums.

my all time fave, the opening track from bright like neon love. it's one of the signature, repetitive songs cut copy stole my heart with.

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