Monday, January 21, 2013

neighborhood recommendation #22: lowkey eats.

with the new neighborhood come new recommendations. although my new hood was not a primary choice of location for me, but somehow just happened, i've tried to familiarize myself with its potential. so far, it's looking good.

it seems that wherever i go, some restaurants follow. first, there is tori – a recommendation i talked about here before – that opened a new establishment at the same time i packed my moving boxes. 

their new place serves pretty much the same menu as their punavuori location with the exciting bonus of being able to serve alcohol. while alppitori isn't a bar, i myself do enjoy a mimosa with my brunch or a beer with my burger. most of the fare is simple home cooking, real and honest food that leaves you satisfied.

fried baltic herring, beets and potato mash with sour cream. perfection.

my favorite is their veggie burger with avocado. there has to be something special there because my carnivore friends also prefer it to the meaty version. although they have the unfortunate habit of serving raw avocados (in small slices, thankfully) rather than informing you that there aren't any ripe ones available – happened to me at both their restaurants and several times –, the burger itself is a small wonder when the ingredients are as they should be. i've just acquired the habit of asking if the avocados are alright, and been able to avoid the situation since. sometimes i girl has to make a bit of an effort...

veggie burger.

the place has become a regular lunch joint for me on days that i work from home. they welcome dogs, too, which makes it even better. 

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