Wednesday, January 9, 2013


my new, tiny apartment has something i fondly refer to as the non-kitchen.

for someone like myself who likes to cook (in order to eat well, mind you, not for the pleasures of chopping, sautéing or doing the dishes) and enjoys a well-equipped area for anything daily, it has come as a shocker to realize that a small dining table acts as my kitchen counter and that i had to extend all storage of utensils, dishes and such to my already small living area.

let me be clear: we're not talking about an open plan kitchen. it really is a nook with a sink and a half of a stove with a cupboard on top.

as i do consider my living arrangement of the moment rather temporary, i did not want to invest into custom furniture or anything disposable. ikea all around was not an option although i did pick up some beautiful things from there, too. it was, nevertheless, important to have a space that i felt comfortable living in aesthetically and functionally: i still want and need to cook even with these challenges in mind. i also did not want to give up or store away most of the items i had accumulated throughout these past years of building a home.

thus, i looked towards finnish design shop and ordered a pretty little set of muuto shelving for my kitchen-out-of-the-kitchen. when i am done with this place, they will serve well as a bookshelf or even to divide space between areas – if i get to such a grandiose apartment as to need a divider.

hay flower pots act as utensils storage. little boxes from ferm living and ikea keep order near the entrance.

it turned out to be a rather subtle invasion, after all.

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