Wednesday, July 13, 2011

my idea of perfection.

a fortnight of digging and weeding, lingering and lounging.

on days like the one today, there's only the need to pop out to water the garden and the greenhouse. white clouds line the skies and the breeze is chilly. thus, a quick climb upstairs to my sanctuary of summer perfection:

... a bed fit for a princess. my romantic side only becomes evident in the countryside; flowers and ornaments are an indulgence i'd never succumb to in the city.

... a pile of magazines and books ignored intentionally for what feels like a decade. oh, the bliss of reading without disruption.

... my little companion always by my side.

pants by stine goya for weekday.

up here it feels the hours of the day are enough. 

where's your sanctuary?

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dudivie said...

jormairmeli haha dj Kiva