Thursday, July 28, 2011

heavenly holiday.

i've been back to work since monday. it ain't easy, let me tell ya...

luckily the office is rather quiet and most people in finland are still out on their vacations which means my mailbox is neither overflowing with urgent messages nor responses to questions i cannot even remember posing. there's an air of leisurely laggardness while we take short breaks on the couches or grab a cold drink before resuming work.

our holiday was a relaxing fortnight spent in the countryside. we started off at the garden cottage where a choked garden greeted us with significant toil. after careful weeding and watering we were able to save most of what had so suddenly bursted with energy.

the holiday brought the domestic goddess out: i baked fresh bread.

wild strawberries.
tuesday night we visited turku for a some of culinary delights.

chez dominique pop-up bistro in turku.

a chilled grüner weltliner and a shiny happy camper in t by alexander wang top.

my swing.

midweek we drove up the coast to the sea cottage we've been forced to neglect most summer. there life was all about relaxation: sauna, fishing, reading, eating and naps in the hammock.

fresh pesto made from our own basil.

jorma-irmeli enjoying the sea air.
fresh chanterelle risotto.
our own organic broccoli and potatoes with salmon.
dirty feet, bright sun and a happy little dog. hammock by marimekko, romper(y garment) by uniqlo.
i hope your summer days were (or are!) hot, humid and heavenly.

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