Tuesday, January 25, 2011

witty luxe.

viral visibility has caught on brands that formerly relied on taking over glossies with their multipage campaigns. the degree of airbrushing has since only exceeded what anyone believed possible and the pouts still adorn the pages, but the whimsical humor a clip of video can portray has appeared in places i hardly suspected.

first there was hermès with their successful fingerskate flick.

and now chanel is showing a sense of humor about their beauty line.

Animating Chanel on Nowness.com.

reputable and respectable fashion houses marketing via the power of smile is definitely something new, and i, for one, do not mind a little chuckle associated with the buck aimed at buying prestige.

what do you think: can high fashion take itself lightly without losing credibility?


Sugar Kane said...

Hee, as soon as I saw the Chanel animation (about 45 mins ago), I was sure you'd blog about it.

In my opinion, it doesn't hurt to have fun with your brand, it's cool to afford to be cool (sic) and relaxed about your image. If the brand can even combine something arty with the fun, all the better for them.

mikko said...


stellagee said...

sugar kane, yes yes. i adore it! i also think that it is great that a brand can present their image in multiple ways – just like people, brands that only have one side to them can be slightly dull, right?

mikko, eikö olekin!

Jaakko said...

huomenta jälkijunasta. toi chanel on ihan mieltsin mahtava! just eilen katottiin chanelin couture nytös ja mun makuun siin(kin) oli aika paljon huumoria ja sellasta.. ei ehkäniin perinteist chanelmaista otetta coutureen, et olisko koko talo ottamas hiukan rennommin.

but what woul coco say..?

stellagee said...

jaakko, i think coco would go nuts... no ei vaines. pakko on huumorillekin olla tilaa.