Friday, January 21, 2011

heja sverige!

on the exact day that i placed a carefully pondered order at the byredo webstore, i received an email inviting me to the city where the magic happens. if you're about to be corrupted, why not accept bribery to greet one of your loved ones, because that makes it a token of affection, right?

and i just love stockholm.

the beautiful city has not been graced by my presence for such a long time that it is definitely well overdue that i drag my tush to the streets of södermalm.

i was invited to spend a weekend in our neighboring capital by visit sweden and viking line, and my lovely companions include my favorite blogger pals. i cannot wait.

although i am a little disappointed i'll miss the opening cocktails tonight at hel yes!

and just in time to see me off, my byredo package arrived with the scents of adventure.

ta ta, more later!


Hanna said...

Pitäkää niin kivaa, harmittaa kun en päässyt mukaan, olisi ollut niin huippujengi. Huomenna töitä, ei auta.

stellagee said...

hanna, eeppinen reissu, ei muuta voi sanoa...

Hanna said...

Mitä mä oikein menin ja missasin?

Ps. Cotton Poplin tuossa minunkin vieressäni.

Sugar Kane said...

Mmmm, you smelled nice! Tack och adjö.

stellagee said...

hanna, paljon hyvin monella tapaa ikimuistettavia tapahtumia. oi, jospa oisit saanut olla mukana!

sugar kane, i'm feeling all cruise host-like here. tack och sorry.