Thursday, July 1, 2010

see the rainbow.

heteronormativity refers to the common assumption that people are straight and that interpreting the world around oneself as if everyone was straight is totally ok and realistic. anyone deviating from the norm is exactly that, a deviation, and only deserves recognition as an abnormality – if not abhorration – in our perfectly normal, normatively heterosexual world.

of course, statistically speaking it is reasonable to assume people are straight, since most are (if you define straight by usually experiencing some kind of affection towards a person of the opposite sex (which in itself may or may not be easily definable (let alone speak about the variety of practices of affection people who consider themselves straight take part in (but let's just not go there now, shall we...)))).

nevertheless, since in everyday life we do not meet and greet statistics, but individuals, it would truly make sense not to live according to generalizations. heteronormativity creeps into such a variety of daily assumptions and practices that, while they hardly surprise anyone of the glbtq community, it hides and suppresses the versatility of humanity all people represent and the forms of kinship we are able to build.

it's pride week. love in all its forms is precious. let's listen instead of assuming, ok?

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