Thursday, July 15, 2010

night to a tee.

i have a long background as a club kid. i attended raves in the early 90's – when they still were raves: illegal, sweaty, more about music than appearance – and made some extra money during high school as a go-go dancer (the kind that keeps her clothes on, mind you...).

my group of friends would often take off on friday to drive to another city to a party, change cities on saturday for yet another allnighter, and i'd come home late sunday night after dancing myself död at nylon's legendary sunday school (relaunched as part of club yk's summer program and packed up soon after).

a booming bass is still very close to my heart and i cannot help but move when my intestines start trembling with a roaring low. because i have hopped behind the decks these days and rarely have the chance to a decent booty-shakin' action on the dancefloor, i cherish moments when i wake up sore the next morning because i could not stop moving all night.

my sonic drug of choice has for years been minimal electro, but i equally enjoy the artsy, draggy, fashiony electroclash with raunchy lyrics but similar simplicity. the transition from perfect mixing within a pure genre was gone when the queer hipsters took over the scene, and if you ask me, the great electroclash swindle was the best thing that happened to club music and is, in my books, far from over. despite many people wanting to distance themselves from the term and even the genre, i think the influence and even the terminology applies to much of the dance music we're hearing still. needless to say, the anthems live on strong.

1. the fagU hosts, djs shoplifter and jannex; 2.+3. larry tee.

last night was the 5 year anniversary of fagU with a very special guest. mr electroclash himself, larry tee, rocked the boat m/s emma for a three hour cruise around helsinki. the sunny breeze caressed the three dozen party people – it felt like a house party – and we danced ourselves dizzy.

my thighs burn in their post-dance purgatory.


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