Tuesday, February 19, 2013

contemporary toothpaste, say what?

there is something inherently ridiculous about what i will write about next. but since i have no shame and find happiness in the smallest details, here goes nothing.

toothpaste, the most mundane thing.

i have written in quite significant length about my dishcloth before, so perhaps this is simply the natural step towards utter disaster.

yes, i am writing about toothpaste. in a tube.

but what a tube! i am a sucker for great packaging and surround myself with as beautiful everyday objects as humanly possible. needless to say, i refuse to believe that it does not matter what kind of artifacts go through one's hands daily. that is, visual information in addition to tactile stimuli and fragrances surround whatever chores we need to perform. hence, it makes sense to make the most of those moments of possible dullness.

perhaps creating sensible moments from little, boring activities lowers the need for excitement rushes of special occasions. however, it may just be my subjective experience, but elevating the everyday does not seem to diminish the height of celebration. it just provides repetitions of pleasure where you least expect them. or, in my case, have learned to expect and appreciate them.

the marvis website is worth an aesthetically inclined visit in itself. as far as content goes, my favorite is ginger mint. i love ginger in all forms and the availability of it sealed the deal.

ridiculous or not, i love it.

pretty, now aren't they? thank you inke, fellow crusader in the world of meaningful superficiality.

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