Friday, September 21, 2012

echoes of a life elsewhere.

since my writing tends to be more sporadic than i intended, there are other ways to know what i am up to.

first, there's instagram. you can find a link on the right column. follow, if you wish.

fake lashes in the tram on a monday morning. tagged #roadkill in my instagram.

second, my best friend started a blog a few months ago. she is a globetrotter, a foodie and mingles naturally in the art world. although differently emphasized than mine and often both more mainstream and more upscale, her insights, recommendations and gossip are definitely worth getting familiar with – so follow her at svårt att säga nej (in english despite the swedish title). and quite often i am hanging along with her since we travel, dine, booze, dance and get into all sorts of shenanigans together.

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Mira said...

Noi ripset, niin eeppistä! :'D