Friday, November 4, 2011

any excuse to see ya.

sometimes it seems that bloggers get to live a life of parties with endless champagne being poured down their throats and gift bags cluttering their shoe-crammed hallways. in some ways it is true: invitations to press days, openings, previews and such come regularly and there are bubbles and bags to be expected at most places.

i respond to invitations rarely because i am already jampacked with events through work and my social life outside the blogging world suffers as it is. but sometimes these events are the perfect catchup moment with friends who also happen to be fellow bloggers – brief encounters that provide an opportunity for an update without the fuss of officially setting up a time in everyone's heavy schedule.

meself, mikko and luna the most adorable little smiling wiener.
me wearing silk blouse by t by alexander wang and scarf by marc by marc jacobs. spider fingers and smirk by mother nature, thank you very many.
pic by stella <3.

and no, free champers never hurt anyone.


Anna said...

Hei, tuo mäyrispentulainen on härnännyt meidän mummeleita koirapuistossa. Terveisiä Lunalle.

stellagee said...

anna, luna näköjään tykkää härnäillä vinttareita. jormallakin menee hermo...

Teemu Bling said...

Prada perfection. I love Prada (and their shoes) and those what you got there are amazing.

stellagee said...

teemu, thanks. i'm lurving them, too.