Tuesday, October 4, 2011


my monochromatic style evolves in steps that makes the changes in the biological world look like a high-speed car chase.

in other words, i wear black, grey and white with the occasional crazeee input of olive green, brown or (yikes) red.

no color blocks, no colorful patters (unless you count camouflage and leopard which i wear perennially whether or not they're trendy), none of that crazy irrational color combining i used to master...

my office gear consists of an easily boring set of a collared shirt and jeans, but to keep it even slightly interesting, i try to select the best tops.

one of them hangs here.
blouse by maison martin margiela 1.

margiela hardly lets you down (although the image above might).

i love clothing that does not reveal itself on a hanger. a little mystery is always good for the soul – even the soul of a blouse.

the shirt is created from two front pieces that button down, a single side piece that hangs behind like a little cape and a back piece that folds over the cape-like side piece. sound complicated? yeah, it is.

here's what it looks like.

pants by cos. moose jorma's.

all soft and delicate folds in almost transparent and airy cotton that is cut meticulously to a structured finish.

paradoxical genius.


Sugar Kane said...

Olen vähän samaa maata, lempivaatteeni eivät näytä "miltään"* ennenkuin niihin pannaan ihminen sisään. Paita ja asu ovat ihanat, mutta gif-taitosi lyövät lopullisesti ällikällä.

* tai sit omituiselta lirulta tai säkiltä.

stellagee said...

sugar kane. juu, ne parhaat on vaan hämäriä noinikkää.

mun mielestä tuhansien tuntien flash-osaamisen kehitys tulee demonstroida pikselöityinä giffeinä. kyllä. ei oo turhaa...