Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i have not disappeared from the face of this earth. nor did i catch life-threatening pneumonia as a result of my hesitation to see the doctor.

i started a new job a week ago.

i am thrilled to say i will be taking part in a transformational project that affects my immediate surroundings as a citizen of the finnish capital, but which will also have a global influence. we're in it to do good, to embetter our living environment, and i have a unique opportunity to share my greatest passion through my work.

do i sound excited? you betcha i am.

i am also a little pressed with time for these first weeks. i promise to update as frequently as humanly possible, though.

thus, i must dash and leave you with pictures from french artist leo caillard whose project art game from december 2010 examines the way our current tools of interaction with reality affect profoundly, for example, our art experience.

all pics from leo caillard.

for the next two years i will be doing my modest part in embedding design in life.


L. Dada said...

Vauvau! Onnea ja iloa uuteen! Ihan mahtavaa.

stellagee said...

lady dada, kiitos ja kumarrus! olen intona, needless to say.

Anna (Se Ex-Meidän Pariisi :)) said...

Ihanaa kuulla tällaisia hyviä uutisia!!! Onneaonneaonnea!!!! :)

Ja kerro toki täälläkin miten uusi duuni etenee! (Olisi kauhean kiva nähdä myös ihan nenäkkäin: oon yhteydessä kun olen Hesassa - ja pistä säkin viestiä jos tänne Turkuun tulet!)

Sugar Kane said...

Super excited for you -and for all of us in Helsinki! Can't wait what you (guys) come up with.

Anu (ex-Iltapäivä) said...

Onnea uuteen duuniin! Paikka on mitä mainioin.

stellagee said...

anna, kiitos ja kerron minkä taidan, ehdin ja pystyn! turkuun pitäisi tulla, ilmoittelen sitten. ja toisin päin, jookos?

sugar kane, yup, it's gonna be great.

anu, kiitos!